UK firms offers alternative tool to help encourage young people to learn about programming

Fuze Basic builds on Raspberry Pi tech to help kids code

Fuze Techonologies has created a new computing package that aims to help new generations of developers learn to code, combining the technology of Raspberry Pi and the design of the BBC Micro.

The Fuze is built on the Raspberry Pi tech and adds a keyboard, USB hub, IO board with In and out ports and electronics kit, as well as a programmers reference guide and project cards.

The device was created by Jon Silvera, who was inspired by his experience introducing the original BBC Micro to his children.

“I wanted to show my children how computers looked back in the old days, but to my amazement [my children] were all fascinated by it,” he said. “From playing simple education games to writing small programs, they were totally engrossed in it. It was a real surprise that something 30 years old could stop them in their tracks.”

The device is based on Fuze Basic, a modernised version of the classic Basic programming language, and Silvera is hoping it will also appeal to teachers trying to implement the new coding-centric curriculum. Encasing the Raspberry Pi within the Fuze helps protect it, and makes it easier for educators to set up their classrooms and lessons.

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The BBC is also hoping to revive the spirit of the BBC Micro with the new Micro Bit computer, a device it will be giving away to millions of Year 7 children later this year.

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