Allegorithmic's Sebastien DeGuy reports for us at Korea's biggest games convention

G* report: Free-to-play online games to be ‘omnipresent’

Donning a Guest Reporter hat for Develop at the G* conference in Seoul, Korea, Allegorithmic’s Dr. Sebastien DeGuy has noted that Korean developers are primed to start a full-scale assault on the West.

Speaking of his experience from meeting a large number of the region’s studios at G*, DeGuy remarked that: "I was particularly amazed when I realised that, after only a year, literally every single Korean online game developer I met was looking for ways to export their games abroad, and adapting these games to these uncharted territories."

"So get prepared: free-to-play online games are going to be omnipresent in Europe and in the US soon. Korean developers have set up a new way to monetise these games, they have superb know-how, and a unique sense of what makes a game attractive to the mass market. Free-to-play is the way. Korea is paving it."

For more of DeGuy’s observations on the Korean development industry, check out his full report here.

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