100 deals 'in the air' says Perry; new zero-day server being built; Activision relationship 'very good'

Gaikai: ‘Big deal in place for full-game service’

Gaikai is still on track to launch its non-demo service before 2012, the company’s co-founder David Perry has said, with a “major company” set to spearhead the OnLive-rival service.

“There’s going to be a large announcement on who’s going to lead that initiative,” Perry said in an interview with Develop.

“We’ve got some one pretty important.”

Perry claimed his cloud-gaming firm is “technically ready” to launch a full-games service right away – a move that will put Gaikai in more intense competition with fellow cloud-gaming company OnLive.

But he’d prefer to sign more deals before launch, which is still earmarked for 2011.

“The only hurdle now is to get television manufacturers to support high-performance video,” Perry said.

“They all have hardware decoding, but most have some limitation.

“I would say we have about 100 deals in the air right now, with publishers, TV firms and so on. I haven’t have one single publisher flat out say no to us – all the big brands you know of have said no to us.”

At E3 in June, Gaikai won a major deal with EA to stream the publisher’s game demos to PCs.

In regards to that other key publisher, Activision, Perry would only go as far as saying his business relationship with the firm was “very good”.

Explaining the delay to the demo service, Perry revealed the plan was to launch October 1st, “but then we got an offer to launch on a large gaming website”.

Said Perry: “We’ve been negotiating that deal for a little too long now, but now it’s almost done”.

“So, why we’ve been waiting, we’ve been building this second server type.

“We’ve been designing a brand new server with Intel, and very close to finishing the first prototype. We call it a zero day server; it’s got custom video cards, it’s amazing high tech and in fact we’ve just managed 14 World Of Warcrafts running on one server. That’s outrageous.

“But it’s called a zero day server because we can get games on there really quickly – within 24 hours in fact.

“That’s a game changer for us. Imagine how useful that is to us in meetings by saying we can add a publishers’ games to Gaikai in a matter of hours.”

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