Open source engine designed for 2D game development on Android and iOS

Game Closure launches free mobile HTML5 dev kit

Game Closure has launched a new free and open source HTML5 game development kit for mobile platforms.

The JavaScript SDK is designed specifically for 2D mobile game creation on Android and iOS devices, and uses much of the web technology created by Google, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, such as debuggers, profilers, editors and art software pipelines.

Game Closure stated the core engine can run 8000 sprites on a screen at 30-to-60 frame rates per second, and comes with a user interface system that handles screen ratio, size, type of device and tooling.

The firm hopes that users who expand on the technology will share their plug-ins and alterations with the development community, although it stated that it also wanted to allow developers to create proprietary, close-source and for-profit games for free.

A number of games have already been released using the Dev Kit, which the company claims has reached millions of users and made the top 10 charts in over 20 countries.

Game Closure was launched in February 2011 at Stanford’s student-run start-up accelerator, and in February last year raised $12 million in a Series A funding round.

For more information on the HTML5 dev kit, you can visit the github repository for the tool, or the tech’s documentation here.

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