Mobile and console look set to be the platform choices for both devs and publishers, with a roughly equal split across casual and hardcore

Game Connection Europe breaks down makeup of 2016 attendees

Game Connection Europe has revealed the makeup of the developers, publishers and service firms attending next month’s event.

Around a third of studios are developing for mobile and console, while just under a fifth are opting for PC and roughly 15 per cent are building for browser.

The devs from more than 55 countries are approximately equally split across casual, mid-core and hardcore.

This is reflected in the publishers attending the event, with more than 35 per cent of labels buying games for mobile and console, with 15 per cent seeking out the next PC hit.

Similarly, they are roughly equally interested in casual, mid-core and hardcore titles, although hardcore appears to hold a slightly bigger sway – perhaps inspired by the continuing success of eSports.

35 per cent of the publishing firms are from Western Europe, with just over a fifth from North America and a further fifth from the UK and Ireland.

Game Connection Europe takes place from October 26th to 28th in Paris, France and will include a number of talks from games outlets including Google, Rovio, Gigataur, Chillingo, Bigpoint and Imperia on subjects such as eSports, localisation, QA, payment and monetisation, user acquisition, xdev and the future of publishing, as well as the Game Connection Europe Awards ceremony.

Early Bird ticket prices for the event end on September 7th.

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