Former rivals GameStop and GAME come together

GAME to sell GameTrust title Deformers in U.K

GAME will be the exclusive U.K retailer of future game Deformers. The deal is significant because Deformers is a new title from developers Ready at Dawn and it’s published by retail giant GameStop’s publishing imprint, GameTrust

Since closed down, the firm has had no presence in the UK, so have teamed up with former rivals GAME.

It’s a move that GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs is happy with, and in an interview he’s said that he hopes to publish all future GameTrust titles in the UK, moving forwards.

"We have a good relationship with GameStop and we’d love to stock all of the games that they have coming to the market," Gibbs said in a statement to the website. "Deformers is an interesting one. The view of the gamers in the office is that we’re really looking forward to that game coming. That is a key point in the partnership with GameStop there. Deformers is the first stab for us and we have it exclusively in the UK."

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