Gamescom 09:The multiplatform LightSpeed engine is now tailored for â??rapidâ?? online game development

Gamebryo goes online with first key update

Emergent has announced the newest edition of its multiplatform LightSpeed engine, now packaged with an array of tools for fast online multiplayer development.

The Californian middleware group announced engine update during this week’s Gamescom event in Cologne, with the promise that LightSpeed can now aid online multiplayer development in a range of ways.

Key to the new Gamebryo engine is its efficiency, says the group. It will allow developers to make quick changes and tweaks to online multiplayer games in a few short steps, with the changes occurring in real-time without the need to recompile or restart the game.

Emergent claims that this system will greatly accelerate the creation process for online gaming, and thus – the theory goes – give developers more time to focus on other aspects of game development.

“Our data-driven system combined with our networking technology sustains the entire creative process from prototype through gold master, even in online multiplayer games,” said Emergent CEO Geoff Selzer.

“The payback to the game team is more time to try ideas, more time to iterate, more time to polish, resulting in better games,” he added.

“We are just beginning to unveil the power of LightSpeed’s architecture, and online multiplayer is foundational to the entire system. No other game engine in the world can compete with LightSpeed’s ability to support an entire studio’s technology needs.”

Emergent adds that the new LightSpeed allows developers to build functional online game concepts and prototypes without requiring network expertise.

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