Publisher to host 'Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original' in July

Gamecock talks alternative E3 event

Gamecock has finalised the details for its ‘E3 alternative’ event, EIEO, which aims to promote the developers behind its roster of upcoming games.

The event, while trying to buck the big business, pro-publisher angle for this year’s stripped down E3, does take place in the midst of the so-called Media and Business Summit, at Santa Monica’s Hotel California, situated in the middle of all the E3 hotels.

EIEO takes place from July 11th to 13th and promises to provide access to Gamecock’s signed developers and their games, which includes Fury (by Auran), Insecticide (Crackpot Entertainment), Dementium: The Ward (Renegade Kid), Hail to the Chimp (from Wideload Games), Mushroom Men (developed by Red Fly Studio), Dungeon Hero (Firefly Studos).

The company will also unveil two new games at the event.

"EIEIO will be a great opportunity for the world to get their eyes on these products and see, first-hand, what these talented developers have in store," explained Gamecocks’ Harry Miller, president and head of development.

"EIEIO is going to be a celebration of the amazing lineup of independent developers that Gamecock has been lucky enough to sign on, and I’m thrilled to say that every one of them will be in attendance to give personal demos of their works in progress,” said Mike Wilson, Grand Champeen and CEO of Gamecock.

“And, of course, there will be a truckload of that very special Texas hospitality that our friends have come to expect. While this year’s E3 ‘business summit’ might seem a bit strange and uptight, those who still harbor a true love for original games and the talented folks that create them should know that there’s plenty of room at the Hotel California."

You can read our Q&A with Mike Wilson here.

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