Nearly 90 people could be affected as Gameforge changes strategy

Gameforge pulls out of mobile, lays off 1/5th of staff

The German company Gameforge is laying off a fifth of the staff at its Karlsruhe headquarters after a change in strategy means the company will be pulling out of the the mobile sector.

Around 90 people have been affected by what Gameforge has described as the "most important restructuring of the company’s history" after Gameforge found it had been less successful than expected in the mobile market

Gameforge is a known quantity in the PC free-to-play market, looking after Aion, Hex: Shards of Fate, Tera and Orcs Must Die! Unchained and Gameforge’s CEO Alexander Rosner has notched up the decision to move away from mobile to the rise of several new opportunities for free-to-play development on PC.

Rosner regrets the layoffs and has claimed that even though they were necessary for the survival of the company, Gameforge is pledging comprehensive support to those laid off as they search for a new role.

The original post breaking the news is available in its native German on Mediabiz.

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