Casual games ad network proving so popular studios promised cash from day one, claims MD

GameJacket offers ‘instant $1,000’ to Flash game developers

New online games ad firm GameJacket is promising to give $1,000 (£500) for each game that a developer that signs up exclusively to its service, so confident are they that this new way of placing ads in Flash games is a success.

Founded late last year, GameJacket is an advanced advertising solution for online games, promising to let developers regain control of their content and monetise it, serving ads before a game no matter where those games are hosted or embedded.

The system requires a developer to upload their game file to the GameJacket servers, the automated system then returns a custom ‘gamejacket’ file, a surrogate game file, which can be freely distributed around the net. This system instantly guarantees revenue each time a game is played, whilst allowing the developer to retain absolute version control, said MD Simon Jones

Developers are guaranteed to earn a minimum of $0.50 CPM – with GameJacket also promising an advance of $1,000 for any exclusive games that are launched via the service, said Jones.

"What we are doing for developers is unique in the marketplace," Jones told our sister site

GameJacket’s technology also has another unique benefit; its version control feature means developers can release one version of a game, and update it whenever they want, regardless of how many sites that game has already spread to. Furthermore the system allows different versions of each game to be streamed dependent on user environment such as by language.

"This opens a new way forward for developers, they’re attracted by not just the revenues we can make by selling ads in these games – GameJacket provides some unique technology too."

For more information on GameJacket, check out this report on our sister site

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