Latest update also includes new debugging tools and modified extensions system

GameMaker: Studio 1.3 goes live with free PS4 and Vita publishing support

YoYo Games has released GameMaker: Studio 1.3 with full publishing support for PS4 and Vita.

Licensed PlayStation developers can now publish their games to the platforms for free. YoYo Games’ collaboration with SCEI to make its tools available to developers at no cost was previously announced at GDC, when PlayStation support went into beta.

The latest release also features an all-new debugger that will allow developers to debug from mobile devices. The firm has also modified its extensions system to permit the integration of third-party SDKs and native code into games.

Other features and improvements include support for iOS 7, a Flash asset importer, improved support for 2D skeletal animation tool Spine, and the integration of push notifications for Android, iOS and Tizen.

You can view the full list of release notes on the official website.

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