The popular 2D engine will now give access to the Xbox Live Creators Program and allow indie developers to publish games directly to Xbox and windows

GameMaker Studio 2 adds UWP support with new Microsoft partnership

YoYo Games has announced a new partnership with Microsoft to allow indie developers to publish games using the Xbox Live Creators Program and its GameMaker Studio 2 engine.

The new partnership means that a developer using the popualr2D engine can quickly publish their games to Xbox One consoles and to Windows via the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The GameMaker Studio products currently have 200,000 monthly active users and this new update would mean that anyone using the platform could easily publish to Windows and Xbox users, direct from the engine.

“The dream for many developers is to bring their games to every platform, " said general manager of YoYo Games, James Cox. "And our GameMaker Studio 2 integration with the Xbox Live Creators Program takes them one step closer to this. This is where our partnership with Microsoft comes in – much of our efforts with GameMaker Studio 2 are focused on creating an engine that’s cost-effective, easy-to-learn and can port games to other platforms quickly. By partnering with the Xbox Live Creators Program, we have blown the doors open for indie games on Xbox One devices.”

“The Xbox Live Creators program makes it easy for independent developers to ship their games on Xbox One using the social features of Xbox Live," added ID@Xbox’s director, Chris Charla. "Just create a Dev Center account, build a Live-enabled UWP game with GameMaker UWP, and you’re ready to launch on the Xbox One to the full Xbox audience. GameMaker Studio 2 is already a really cool tool for development, and including easy-to-integrate support for Xbox Live Creators Program means that independent developers have another great option to use to showcase their games on the Xbox One Creators Collection!”

To find out more on how to publish using the Creators Program, please visit the Microsoft website. Develop recently spoke to Chris Charla about ID@Xbox and the Xbox Live Creators Program, which you can read here.

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