Develop Conference: 'I wish I could says there's more open mindedness in film and TV, but there's not', says John Dower

Games are revolutionising storytelling

Games are revolutionising storytelling throughout film and TV, says game director John Dower.

Speaking at the Develop in Brighton Conference, Dower, who has worked on titles such as Republique and 007 Legends, said that anyone in film and TV mediums not contemplating harnessing gaming would get left behind.

"Games are revolutionising story telling," said Dower.

"It’s changing TV and movies, if they’re not thinking about gaming they’ll be left behind."

"I talk to TV producers and they just don’t play games or think about games. I think its changing. Sadly I wish I could say there was more open mindedness in film and TV but there’s not.

"But it will be forced upon them."

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