Publisher in search for indie titles to support, fund and promote

Games on a bus – Devolver invites dev pitches at GDC

Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital is taking the unusual step of inviting independent developers to pitch their games to them, on a bus.

Company CFO Fork Parker will be sending a bus around GDC 2013 venue the Moscone Center in search for new games to snap up and help release.

The publisher said it would provide indies who signed up with it development funding, marketing expertise and public relations resources to help create and launch their games.

The Pitch Fork Parker initiative first took place in 2012, and resulted in Devolver signing a deal with Chris Paiva for upcoming RPG puzzle game Dungeon Hearts.

“I was under the impression that being ‘developer friendly’ just meant buying them dinner, drinks, and possibly a sensual massage,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

“But our business development team is more in favour of honesty, integrity, and creative freedom so…you know…whatever.”

The Pitch Fork Parker initiative will take place at GDC from the 25th to the 29th, and the publisher will also be attending SXSW in Austin, Texas between March 8th and 10th with a similar scheme.

Visit the official website for more information.

Not content with bus pitches, the development community is also gearing up for a GDC Plane Jam for those taking the long haul flight to attend the conference.

Xiotex Studios boss Byron Atkinson-Jones is inviting everyone travelling to GDC and interested in crafting video games, card games or board games to take part.

"It’s great because there’s nothing to help focus the mind than constraints and you can’t get bigger constraints than being sat on an aircraft with no internet and very limited resources," said Atkinson-Jones.

"You will be amazed at just how creative you can be under those circumstances."

You can view more information on the GDC Plane Jam in our story here.

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