GDC 09: Online gaming service provider targets small and independent developers

GameSpy pilots GameSpy Indie

Online gaming service provider GameSpy Technology has launched a pilot program called GameSpy Indie that is designed to aid small and independent developers.

With the new program, GameSpy Technology is now being made available to small-scale studios that can benefit from online services that may have been unavailable in the past due to resource or implementation barriers. GameSpy Indie is designed to expand the reach of GameSpy’s suite of technologies and services to a wider remit.

"At GameSpy, we are committed to advancing innovation in online and connected play within the gaming industry,” said Jamie Berger, senior vice president of consumer products and technology at GameSpy Technology.

“This means that we not only work to ensure that our technology is cutting edge, but that we also demonstrate a commitment to supporting independent developers and publishers – like Stickman Studios and Blitz Games Studios – who are driving innovation and pushing the industry forward on PC and consoles. Our new program gives those industry pioneers the professional online technology, services, and support that they need to make their games successful.”

According to a press statement: ‘The first game to launch from the new program, Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy, is an adventure game in which players control a variety of pirate ships and plunder their way through a 56 mission, non-linear campaign, going head to head against other cut-throats online. Buccaneer employs a simple and intuitive control system, allowing players to jump straight into the action and begin their career in piracy.’

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