Jay Moore's new venture BitRaider offers 'intelligent streaming'

GarageGames founder unveils new digital distribution tech

A new technology that claims to ‘change the rules of digital distribution’ has been unveiled at Austin GDC this week.

BitRaider’s eponymous software allows players to start playing a downloaded game when only 10 per cent of it has been installed, with the rest streaming in the background.

"I believe this technology will create a sea change in the digital distribution of games and massively affect the economics of gaming entertainment," said Jay Moore, BitRaider’s director of biz dev – and the founder of indie dev tool firm GarageGames.

"I see a very wide variety of exciting new ventures, and I joined this one in a capacity beyond my normal advisory board role because I believe BitRaider will truly change the course of gaming.”

The team say the technology will work with all kinds of genres or type of game, from MMO to casual and ‘leverages today’s multiprocessor / multicore systems by adaptive multithreading and tapping into the systems unused processing power’.

"As gamers ourselves we understand that just starting to play quickly isn’t the only challenge. We want the experience to be the same as if it were already pre-installed without any hit in performance. For gamers, they just want to play, they really do not want to be involved with how the download is being performed," added Royal O’Brien, founder and CEO of BitRaider. "Building a technology that is virtually invisible, yet delivers a quality play experience, is what changes the entire download distribution game."

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