Tech firm's latest prosumer engine now out of beta

GarageGames releases Torque 3D

US indie favourites GarageGames has released version 1.0 of its Torque 3D game development engine.

The release follows a six-month beta period, comprising of five major versions, which is leading GarageGames to call Torque 3D ‘the most stable release of the award-winning engine to date.’

The engine features a pre-pass deferred renderer with support for normal and parallax occlusion mapping, screen space ambient occlusion, HDR, plus advanced lighting techniques such as light rays. It also features a COLLADA-based import pipeline, plus an entirely redesigned world builder and set of editors.

"Running an open beta for Torque 3D was a huge success," said Brett Seyler, vice president of business development at GarageGames.

"We gathered mountains of useful feedback, allowing our customers to be part of the development process. It helped us achieve more intuitive tools, a better content pipeline, and ultimately an engine that delivers all the visual fidelity of the industry’s best-looking games."

More on Torque 3D can be found in the next issue of Develop, out next week.

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