File format defines upgraded Torque 3D engine

GarageGames taking COLLADA ‘very seriously’

Speaking to Develop about the recent upgrades to the prosumer Torque 3D game engine, which strives to put retail quality production in the hands of artists and modders, the tech’s creator GarageGame’s VP of business development Brett Seyler has backed the relatively new COLLADA file format.

“COLLADA is a true interchange format with growing support and adoption,” suggested Seyler. “We take it very seriously and expect it to be the only way developers get their assets into Torque."

COLLADA adoption is one of the most significant upgrades to Torque3D, which has been substantially reworked with the amateur, hobbyest and less experienced programmer in mind.

“Torque 3D delivers tools that any artist or modder can get results with quickly." added Seyler. "The content pipeline is fantastic – not only can you get any asset into the engine in seconds, but you can make important tweaks to it too. You can define animation key frames to build new animations or modify your assets node structure for mounting the camera and other objects.”

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