Jared Gerritzen heaps praise on console giant for supportive role in PS4 development

GDC 13: Sony in it to win it with PS4, says Zombie dev

Sony is pulling out all the stops with the PS4 to improve on its showing with the PS3 and garner favour among developers, says Zombie Studios boss Jared Gerritzen.

Speaking to Destructoid, Gerritzen said the console giant had been “very, very proactive” in pushing its relationships with developers, with Sony trying to bring as many devs on board for PS4 development as possible.

He said that Sony had done this by offering more direct support for independent developers, and had been sending development kits, setting up events for small studios and was also putting them in touch with PR groups to help bring them success on the platform.

"I think Sony is really in to win this one," said Gerritzen.

"I’m good friends with a lot of guys at Microsoft, I’m under their NDA flag, and Microsoft definitely has a different outlook than Sony does. Sony, like they say ‘Yeah, PlayStation 3 wasn’t what we wanted it to be in comparison in the "arms" race’.

"So now they’re going hard, man. It’s pretty cool, on all points. I think that it will be really interesting to see what Xbox fires back with. It’ll be an awesome E3. Sony is just like, ‘GO! GO! GO! Let’s make this hardcore! Let’s get all these devs in and let’s make it as good as we can’."

Zombie Studios is currently working on one of the PlayStation 4’s first free-to-play titles, Blacklight: Retribution, which was previously released in April last year for PC on Steam.


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