Mind Candy partners with Sheffield-based developer for third title in popular children's franchise

GDC 13: Sumo takes on Moshi Monsters IP for 3DS

A third Moshi Monsters game is set to be released later this year, Mind Candy has announced.

The title will be for DS and 3DS, with independent UK studio Sumo Digital hired for development duties.

The Sheffield-based developer is best known right now for last year’s Sonic All-Stars Racing and Nike+ Kinect Training, both of which have been quite good. They also created the Doctor Who Adventures titles for the BBC.

The new game will launch in Q4 in the UK, US and Australia and is coming to DS and 3DS. There’s no word on the game’s name, gameplay details or if there will be any other platforms for the franchise.

Mind Candy has previously suggested it would like to expand the series onto other platforms. However, 3DS and DS are the most prevalent non-PC platforms amongst the nine-to-12 age group that Moshi Monsters targets.

Moshi Monsters has been a big hit since its appearance as a physical DS game. The first title, Moshlings Zoo, held the DS No.1 spot for 23 weeks and beat Pokemon Black 2 to become last year’s best-selling DS title. Its sequel, Moshings Theme Park, was the No.3 best selling DS game ahead of Pokemon White 2.

“We are hugely excited to be partnering with Sumo on our most ambitious DS game to date," said Mind Candy senior global marketing manager Andy Matjaszek.

"The game will be very stylised, action heavy and aspirational so will hopefully delight our fanbase and beyond. Sumo have proven their expertise with the likes of Sega All-Stars and we’re excited to help champion the excellent talent within the UK games development market.”

Sumo Digital creative director Sean Millard added: “The Moshi franchise is a really exciting project to be working on. It’s such a successful brand and developing a class-leading game based on the Moshi characters and their world is a fantastic opportunity.

"Mind Candy are enormously supportive of the things we want to do to develop the Moshi universe and it’s great to be involved in such a truly creative partnership. The game’s going to be great – not just for the existing audience but for gamers new to Moshi Monsters as well.”

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