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GDC 2011 – The event in five minutes

The twenty-fifth Game Developers Conference. Quite the milestone. Congratulations to the organisers who operated the whole thing with warm smiles and extra coffee. People tend to not make much of a noise when things run smoothly – we all save our breath for the vitriol. So let us make an exception, just this once: The people holding GDC 2011 together have done an amazing, fantastic, outstanding job.

Develop’s done pretty good too. We’ve covered 69 talks, statements and showcases from the event.

Here’s the ones you really need to know:


Satoru Iwata has revealed to the world his deep-rooted concerns about where the entire games industry is heading. Basically, he hates the App Store. HERE


Unreal Engine 4? No, not by name. But Epic Games has showcased an eye-stabbing DX11 edition of its flagship tech. HERE (Hi-res pics here)


Zynga is not the clandestine click-stealing stealth-bomber of the games industry. It is thriving studio of people and ideas. And money. HERE


Ever heard of Cliff Bleszinski? Yeah, that’s his point. HERE


Sony has opened PlayStation Move to the hacking fraternity. HERE


You can’t say Valve isn’t ambitious. It wants to quantify fun. Oh, and read your thoughts. HERE

GDC HERO – Erin Catto

This was legendary. Catto, the creator of Box 2D, became the most talked about developer at GDC and he didn’t even need a speaker or exhibitor pass. Because, when one of the world’s most successful smartphone developers – Rovio – took audience questions at the end of its lecture, Catto took the mic. And, in less than twenty words, he got Rovio to say – on stage – that they had used his tech in Angry Birds, and will update the game to credit him.

GDC ZERO – Reggie Fils-Aime

Somehow, the biggest keynote of the twenty-fifth GDC became a shameless, ordinary, live-video-streamed pulpit of self-promotion.
Nintendo of America exec Reggie Fils-Aime was politely applauded as he arrived on stage, but five minutes into his well-rehearsed (and remarkably tedious) 3DS advert, his audience were already browsing their iPhones.

Best GDC Tweet

Well, actually, the best hashtag; #GDCPigeon – live updates about our columbidae friend who made it through the doors without a pass.

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