The biggest event in the development calendar is over, and we've compiled the hottest news and announcements

GDC 2014: Did you miss anything?

Game Developers Conference has ended for another year, but don’t panic if you missed anything: we’ve got you covered with our complete round-up of the week’s biggest news.

Virtual reality was a particularly hot topic throughout GDC, with Sony announcing its long-rumoured Project Morpheus headset and Oculus VR upping the ante with a new dev kit for its own pioneering hardware.

Meanwhile, three of the leading engine providers announced new business models and products. Unreal Engine 4 is now available for $19 per month, CryEngine for $10 and Unity 5 was unveiled.

Plus new products and tools were revealed by a wide range of companies, including mocap specialist OptiTrack, Marmalade, Perforce, Autodesk, Microsoft and more.

You can check out all of the GDC news below:

Develop exclusives

Oculus: We welcome Sony’s Project Morpheus

Why Epic abandoned its ‘outdated’ model and offered everyone access to Unreal Engine 4

Loading Human wins Selected Projects

Obsidian declares war on World of Tanks

IGDA: Flappy Bird pull a great example of industry responsibility

‘Small teams can make as good a game as console giants’

‘Tax breaks are irrelevant’ to growing your market

Monday, March 17th

Digital agency MediaMonks opens US game studio

Google Play Games gets cross-platform iOS multiplayer support

Valve ditches touchscreen in Steam controller redesign

Umbra readies visibility tool for VR revolution

Tuesday, March 18th

Game developers to tie the knot at GDC’s first wedding

Sony releases free open-source Authoring Tools Framework for PS4 and Vita

Unity 5 revealed

Autodesk reveals 2015 updates to animation and Gameware tool suites

Kontagent and PlayHaven reboot as Upsight

OptiTrack expands mo-cap suite with two new cameras

Record number of UK game companies exhibiting at GDC

Rogue Legacy profitable after one hour on sale

Wooga to open experimental mobile studio

App Game Kit goes free during GDC

Wednesday, March 19th

Sony’s VR headset Project Morpheus revealed

Open-source dev framework MonoGame gets PS4 support

Unity for PS4 early access arrives next month

Epic targets indies with UE4 subscription deal

Ubisoft: Snowdrop engine allows us to work better, not bigger

Oculus lifts lid on new Rift development kit

Perforce introduces hybrid version control

GameMaker goes free for all PS4 developers

Android porting tool Marmalade Juice goes live for developers

Microsoft reveals first 25 ID@Xbox games for Xbox One

Paradox publishing Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity

The Division technical art director heads to Improbable

Thursday, March 20th

Brenda Romero on game industry sexism: Stop blaming the victim

Plexonic launches game personalisation tool Saltr

Havok tech powers Tencent’s Iron Knight

Microsoft unveils DirectX 12

Bungie’s Destiny harnesses Faceware tech

Motion control SDK Extreme Motion comes to Android

375 million people playing Facebook-connected games every month

Ubisoft won’t support VR tech until sales exceed 1m

Team diversity behind Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s success

Papers, Please wins grand prize at IGF Awards

CryEngine adopts $10 subscription model

Friday, March 21st

Robotoki harnesses CryEngine for Human Element

More than 50 Unity games coming to Wii U

Phil Spencer: Renewed Microsoft focus on PC is definitely happening

Dejected, ashamed and embarrassed: Adam Orth on his internet abuse ordeal

Manveer Heir: Negative game stereotypes perpetuate social injustices

UE4 powers up City of Titans MMO

Video: Unreal Engine 4’s new features explained

MonoGame free for PS4 developers

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