First technical demo of online multi-system games revealed

GDC: Bigpoint boats Unity’s cross-platform system

Bigpoint have demonstrated the next generation of browser based games and the potential future of multiplayer gaming with a multiplatform technical demo, codenamed Uniter, illustrating how multiplayer gaming can be achieved across multiple systems.

Leveraging Unity, Bigpoint can develop games for browser, console or smart phones with the goal of creating an open gaming platform. The Uniter technology was demonstrated at GDC 2010.

A Bigpoint user will be able to play the same character in a game on different platforms, meaning a game can be started on the PC, transfered to a smart phone and then on to a console. It will remain the same game and the same character.

"This is an important opportunity for the online gaming industry," said Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder of Bigpoint. "We believe the future of gaming exists in a world without borders and platform boundaries and in real-time.”

"We’re completely thrilled to see Bigpoint applying Unity this way," said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

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