The landmark game development event draws near

GDC boasts over 650 speakers

This year’s Game Developers Conference will be packed with thousands of attendees listening in on lectures by hundreds of game developers from across the world.

Develop has published a list of all speakers scheduled to attend, showing a striking 659 game development professionals booked to participate in lectures, keynotes and roundtables.

To see the list in full, go here.

The event will feature scores of professionals across the entire talent pipeline, from academia, to development, to law, publishing, tools and services.

The likes of Satoru Iwata, Will Wright and Cliff Bleszinski have already made headlines in announcing their intention to provide keynotes and lectures at the show.

Develop will be out in force across the whole five-day conference, with a team on the ground and UK-based reporters all covering key moments from the show.

GDC takes place from Feb 28th to March 4th. Go here for tickets and details.

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