Think Services accuses China Game Publishers Association of violating chinese anti-monopoly law

GDC China organisers respond to CGPA letter

Think services, the organisers of GDC China, have responded to a letter from the China Game Publishers Association that encourages its members to offer exclusive support to the China Game Developer Conference.

While Think Services host GDC China, China Game Developers Conference is organised by Howell International. According to Think, in a letter issued by the CGPA, the organisation is forcing its members to participate in the Howell conference, subsequently contravening Chinese anti-monopoly laws.

In an open letter responding to the CGPA request, Think has outlined three points clarifying its stance on the issue. On the subject of governmental involvement, the document states: "It is critical to note that the Ministry of Culture of the P.R. China has officially endorsed the 2009 GDC China."

Elsewhere in the letter, which also states that the Think event is "the only Chinese game developer event presented by Chinese game developers for Chinese game developers," the authors affirm that: "Think Services would like to clarify the significant confusion that has arisen due to this Howell organised game developer event.

"The name of Howell’s conference violates Think Services’ registered trademark for the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and we are wholly committed to protecting our intellectual property rights globally."

Presently unresolved, the dispute continues.

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