Iceland based outfit continues its shift to console development

GDC: Eve Online studio CCP on PS Move project

Icelandic studio CCP Games has been revealed as one of the scores of developers now working on Sony’s new motion controller, PS Move.

However it’s unclear how CCP will leverage the newly-announced motion controller, and indeed what project will be put through the motions.

CCP, founded in 1997, has a gained a positive reputation for its seminal MMO title, Eve Online. The group’s success has come, however, solely from PC gaming, with thousands of monthly Eve Online subscribers pouring money into the company.

However CCP last year revealed it wanted to expand its focus to consoles, and announced Dust 514 – an FPS that is said will incorporate RTS and MMO elements.

It was recently revealed that CCP further expanded its operations by opening a new studio in Newcastle.

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