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GDC: GameSpy launches new online game dev tools

A series of updates are being made available to all GameSpy Technology users with the launch of GameSpy Open.

The cross-system sevice, announced at GDC, intends to be a platform for updates and APIs that allow greater access to and control over users’ online content.

The first updates announced include Atlas 2.0, the expanded user statistics and metric tracking system; Sake Cloud Storage, an updated cloud data storage sevice; and the iPhone Online Development Suite, which allows the addition of online features to iPhone games through a customisable user interface.

“The web approach to software development has shown the explosive power of openness, where collaboration amoungst groups leads to greater results. Gaming, on the other hand, tends to take place in ‘walled gardens’,” said GameSpy Technology vice president Todd Northcutt.

“We want to help developers create better, more entertaining and more profitable online game experiences. We intend to do this by supporting open standards and providing more open access to game data,” he added.

GameSpy is also supporting OpenID, which will allow studios use of the new services with their existing online identities.

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