CMP rubbishes keynote talk claims from controversial anti-games lawyer

GDC “has not extended an invitation to Jack Thompson”

The organiser of the Game Developers Conference has said games lawyer Jack Thompson’s claims he has been invited to host a keynote debate at next year’s event are false.

Yesterday, reported that Thompson stated in a filing that he had been invited to present a public debate at the February GDC, similar to one he conducted with Lorne Lanning at event VGXPO.

However, a statement from Jamil Moledina, executive director of the event, denies the claim.

"The Game Developers Conference has not extended an invitation to Jack Thompson to speak at GDC 2008," said Moledina.

"We look forward to announcing the full speaker lineup closer to the show."

Digging further into the claim, GamePolitics has since discovered that Thompson made the assumption following a brief meeting with Tommy Tallirico at the VGXPO.

Ridiculously, Thompson has already fired back at CMP, saying: "Since this is how the video game industry treats its critics, no wonder it has a public relations problem with parents. This is an industry that lies about the ratings on its products, sells those products to underage kids behind their parents’ backs, and then wants nothing but an incestuous gathering in San Francisco to congratulate itself on how smart it is."

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