Minecraft creator now finding time to return to programming 'tiny' personal projects

GDC: Notch making games that he will never release

Speaking at GDC 2012, Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson revealed that he is now finding more time to return to the programming he loves, occasionally working on games that will likely never see release.

Interviewed on stage in a session titled ‘A Fireside Chat with Markus ‘Notch’ Persson’, Definition Six founder Chris Hecker asked how Persson’s professional life has changed since Minecraft established itself as a sensationally popular game.

"Now I’m sometimes making more tiny games that I probably won’t even release," Persson revealed, later adding "I’m looking to do it more, and I’m really enjoying finding more time again to actually program new games again."

While Persson accepted he is now a designer, businessman, PR, and Mojang Specification’s frontman, he stated that his first love will always be programming. As Mojang Specifications has become a more established operation, Persson is finding more time to return to programming new ideas.

In the generally light hearted interview, Persson also revealed that if he was a Minecraft block himself, he would be sand, because he ‘falls apart a lot’.

And he concluded by claiming that it is solving technical programs that is the main thing that keeps him enthused abut working Minecraft, and confessed that he hates C++, as it means he has to ‘do everything twice’.

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