Zeemote to flaunt three services used to promote discoverability

GDC: Trio of new tools fight mobile market congestion

Mobile game group Zeemote is offering developers three separate services which the firm says will help game studios compete for space in the overcrowded mobile games market.

The first is JBlend, a virtual platform from which mobile games can be promoted, used in a bid to enhance their “discoverability”. JBlend, produced by Zeemote’s parent company Aplix, is compatible with “more than 100 million mobile devices”, the firm claims.

Secondly, the Zeemote JS1 Controller has been designed with the intention of offering developers more oppourtunities in producing games aimed at the mobile multiplayer market. Zeemote claim the potential for these markets in areas of low console penetration is “enormous”.

In a written statement, the form said, “the pairing of two Zeemote JS1 Controllers to a mobile [makes it] a ‘gaming platform’ and multi-player gaming is now a real possibility.”

The final new service promotes a point of entry into the Japanese mobile consumer market through the Aplix mobile game subsiduary G-mode, with Zeemote acting as the intermediary for interested developers.

The group did not clarify whether the services were available for App Store developers.

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