Academy Award-winning mo-cap company Vicon has unveiled a new system specifically designed for games developers and small studios.

GDC: Vicon debuts mocap for small devs

Demonstrated at GDC, FKextreme offers Vicon’s MX3+ cameras, new processing software and customer support. The new software includes a plug-in suite for 3D art packages while the cameras have been upgraded to increase performance metrics.

According to Vicon the rigs are ideal for small and mid-sized teams and animation houses that want to capture sequences featuring up to two performers – but the system has been designed to be expandable to grow in line with studios and their demands.

“There has been a perception in the marketplace that Vicon motion capture is out of reach of small to mid-sized animation facilities and game developers," business development manager Roger Pengelly at Vicon explained when discussing the new kit’s availability.

"FKextreme is an incredibly affordable and accessible motion capture system that delivers better price performance than any other professional mo-cap system targeting these customers. Over recent years a number of low-cost systems have been released, but they have significant limitations and technical roadblocks for production use. Vicon has taken our flagship system and pipeline and brought the price within the reach of small studios and first-time game producers. ”

Vicon’s mo-cap technology is in place at a number of studios around the world. Key partners include EA, SCEA, Activision, Ubisoft, Microsoft Games, Midway Games, Square, Capcom, Konami, Namco, Nintendo and Sega. Vicon has also rigs in place at film effects studios including ILM and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

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