Kara demo 'runs in real-time on PS3'

GDC VIDEO: Quantic Dream’s new game engine

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream has unveiled its next game engine at GDC.

A video demonstration, called Kara, was captured by journalists at the event and can be seen below. It features an android in construction that suffers from an existential crisis when given a name.

Studio CEO David Cage said the demo’s mo-cap data is “almost raw” – suggesting that there was not too much post-production work on the facial animation. He said the eyes were in fact created through motion capture.

Cage said the demo runs in real-time on PS3, and that the new Quantic Dream engine “will open new doors” for the console’s technology.

The video comes from the first version one of the engine, he said, which is now one year old. Quantic Dream is currently working on the third version of the tech, with a number of new features added.

“There were so many things we couldn’t do with our Heavy Rain engine, so we decided to build a new one,” Cage said.

[Video captured by The Verge]

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