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GDC09 news round-up: Tuesday

Titmouse Games partners with Heavy Metal magazine editor
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator to work with studio on Fistful of Blood

Adobe introduces Director 11.5
Game development platform supports new audio, video and 3D capabilities

Microsoft outlines development drive for 2009
New 360 development kits part of effort to ‘reduce the cost of art development’

XNA Game Studio 3.1 revealed

New point release adds avatar and video support

Xbox Live Arcade Extensions for XNA Game Studio now available
Free download enables XBLA development in XNA for licensed developers

Third Dream Build Play detailed
XNA competition starts Monday, April 6th

Microsoft launches updated Xbox 360 dev kit
New hardware doubles memory as platform holder promises to ‘reduce risk of development’

Valve: ‘We’ve made DRM obsolete’
Steamworks update makes ‘unique copies of games’ and allows limitless installs

Realtime Worlds recruiting at GDC
Dundee developer looking to hire from international talent pool

Motion control games heading to N-Gage
Bounce Boing Voyage to be first motion controlled title

Can OnLive really transform the games market?
New service brings ‘cloud’ computing to the games space

nDreams unveils new PlayStation Home ARG

Developer debuts alternate reality game Xi

PC gaming market worth $11 billion worldwide
Gaming Alliance releases positive industry report

Games for Windows Live looks to dodge piracy, drive DLC
Latest features for PC games include copy protection, in-game marketplace and roaming

CCP focusing on ‘aggressive’ recruitment drive

Icelandic developer looking to hire in the wake of a duo of award wins

Sony slashes PS3 dev costs
Tool prices reduced, new software introduced and UK-made PhyreEngine is updated

Former Incognito director goes solo, signs Sony dev deal
New studio LightBox Interactive on multi-year, multi-title PlayStation contract

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