Reloaded inches closer to troubled game relaunch with test build release

GDC11: APB Reloaded closed beta launches

Reloaded Productions and GamersFirst have announced the release of a closed beta build of APB Reloaded, the overhauled version of the troubled Realtime Worlds title that took the latter company under last year.

Both companies involved with the current build have touted significant improvements to the MMOTPS game over its original release version.

"Our vision is to evolve the original APB game into the best AAA production-value Free2Play MMO shooter in the market today by carefully incorporating gamer feedback in the creative process,” said GamersFirst CEO Joshua Hong.

“We plan to turn this game into a genuinely engaging experience by honoring, respecting and involving the community during all stages of this game’s evolution."

Reloaded Productions COO and CTO Bjorn Book-Larsson described the feelings about the task of revamping APB at his firm.

“We took a chance on a pretty controversial franchise when we decided to invest in this game, and now we are looking forward to getting the first wave of gamer feedback on all the changes the team has made during the past several months,” he said.

“The whole team has done an amazing job creating a brand new experience from the ashes of the original All Points Bulletin, and our mission is now to ensure gamers get more long term enjoyment with each new game update as we head toward live service.

“You might even say that our Free2Play model only works as long as players really think it is ‘Fun-To-Pay’ for experience-enhancing activities and in-game upgrades.”

The new build of the game features both premium and ‘Free2Play’ models, with the ability to upgrade from one to the other during closed beta play.

“This has been a long time in coming for us and we couldn’t be more excited,” said APB Reloaded producer Jon-Enée Merriex.

“Fans have been chomping at the bit to get back in to continue their amazingly customized journey toward San Paro dominance, and we’re one step closer to making that a reality.”

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