Too many studios recycle material for sequels, says studio's Steve Gibson

Gearbox: Content dumping ‘a disservice to gamers’

Too many studios rely too heavily on recycling leftover content from previous projects when developing a sequel, Gearbox Software’s Steve Gibson has said.

"At many studios there is a lot of what we call ‘content dumping’, where people make a load of extra content with their first game, put it together on a disk, and add a ‘2’ to the original game’s name," said the vice president of public relations and marketing.

Speaking at the opening of a behind-closed-doors press demonstration of Borderlands 2 at Gamescom, Gibson said the practice was “a disservice to gamers”.

He went on to insist that isn’t the case with his Borderlands 2, despite its name: "That’s not what Borderlands 2 is about at all. We’ve truly redone everything. We’ve rebuilt the world,” he claimed.

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