Brother in Arms creator signs up motion capture tech for future games

Gearbox to use Moven

Xsens’ Moven mocap system has been chosen by Gearbox for use in its future titles.

The signing comes ahead of the official launch of the technology, which is set to debut at Siggraph 2007 in San Diego, California during August.

 "Xsens has achieved something special with Moven", said PJ Putnam, Vice President of Gearbox.

"Moven allows us to record motion capture data for any application in its natural environment, whether indoors or outdoors. An actor who plays a soldier can wear the Moven suit underneath his military attire, which results in more realistic motions. By using two Moven systems we can capture multiple actors simultaneously in a fighting or combat scene. Moven does not suffer from problems of occlusion and missing markers which we find in the existing (optical) motion capture technologies. Besides, the price is substantially lower than that of an optical system."

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