New point release adds and enhances features but will be last to ship with Enlighten 2 libraries

Geomerics releases Enlighten 3.02

Leading lighting tech Enlighten 3 has received a major update, following its launch earlier this year.

The latest version of Geomerics’ flagship tool debuted at GDC, introducing the new Forge lighting editor and pipeline tool.

Now devs can download Enlighten 3.02, which introduces several new features, including a refreshed high-level build system, automatic bevels, increased flexibility with area lights, support for lighting large terrains, and a GPU implementation of the cluster-based cubemap solution.

You can find full details on the update in the release notes over at Geomerics’ blog.

“The Geomerics engineers have not been idle since GDC,” the company wrote. “Having gathered a wealth of feedback from customer meetings at the event itself, and subsequent sales tours across Japan, China and Europe, the development team started addressing the ensuing roadmap.”

Geomerics has warned that Enlighten 3.02 will be the last version to ship with Enlighten 2’s libraries.

“Any customer who is concerned about the impact this will have on their current project is advised to contact their support representatives for further information,” the company said.

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