Jagex's Jim Sweatman offers advice on how to land a job in designing games

Get That Job: How to be a game designer

The game industry is home to a plethora of professions key to making a studio a success.

Each week we’ll shine a light on a specific role, with bite-size tips from those in the know on how to land that job.

This week we have Jim Sweatman, a senior game designer at RuneScape developer Jagex, offering specialist advice on how to bag a job as a game designer, and what it takes to be a success in the role.

“Designers are the glue that holds together the vision of the game and bring together ideas of the team. To do this, a few key things need to be a part of their character," said Sweatman.

“Make a game. Creating a game from scratch, including the art, code and audio, gives a designer the empathy and knowledge they need to interact with different individuals within a team.

“Know your role. Game design is a broad subject with lots of specialisms. Knowing whether you’re a narrative, level or systems designer is key to lining yourself up for a role.

“Be memorable. The game industry is a competitive place; you need to stand out from the rest. So be different, be interesting and be memorable so you’re the one at the top of the list.”

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