Firefly Studios' Nick Tannahill offers advice on how to land that job

Get That Job: How to be a PR manager

The game industry is home to a plethora of professions key to making a studio a success.

Each week we’ll shine a light on a specific role, with bite-size tips from those in the know on how to land that job.

This week we have Nick Tannahill, a PR manager at Firefly Studios, maker of the Stronghold series, offering advice on how to bag a job as a communicator at a game studio, and what it takes to be a success in the role.

“Apply directly to developers, the more independent the better. If you lack technical skills don’t assume you are better off applying to a publisher or agency. It is just as easy to add value to a product, service or game with business knowledge and people skills as it is with code or artwork," said Tannahill.

“In-house at a developer you are more likely stand out, creating and fulfilling roles that simply wouldn’t be open to you elsewhere.

“Market on a shoestring. Websites like Pixel Prospector are fantastic resources used by indie developers, with lessons and practices that can be applied directly to even the most established devs on your first day in the job. Demonstrate your ability to create something from nothing.

“Finally, be enthusiastic, focussed and responsible.”

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