Series creator was furious about The Bureau's new direction, but had faith in Firaxis to "do a proper X-Com game"

Gollop planned to crowdfund new X-Com after FPS outrage

The creator of the first X-Com game has revealed he was so incensed by the announcement of 2K’s X-Com FPS spin-off that he almost crowdfunded a spiritual successor to the original.

Take-Two announced a first person X-Com title all the way back in 2010, prior to the release of Firaxis’ successful X-Com: Enemy Unknown. However, after being delayed notonce but twice prior to its first release date of March 2012, the game was then pushed back to 2014.

It then re-emerged in 2013 as third person title X-Com: The Bureau.

“At the point that Take2 made the first announcement of an X-Com game, which became The Bureau, when they first announced it was going to be an FPS, I was so outraged that I was determined that I would start a crowdfunding campaign to do a proper X-Com game,” Julian Gollop told PCGamesN.

“I changed my mind when Firaxis announced their version of X-Com because I knew they would actually do a pretty good job of it. There was a brief period there were I was going to do it, but it didn’t last.”

Strategy outing X-Com 2 is currently in development and was initially due out next month, although it has since been pushed back to next year.

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