German developer “deeply regrets” major changes to studio, scraps all casual and PC titles

Goodgame Studios restructure could see up to 100 jobs cut

The planned restructure of Goodgame Studios will see the firm pull out of certain markets and lay off an unspecified number of employees.

The Hamburg-based developer has announced its intention to “focus on its core competencies” – specifically, mobile and browser-based strategy games. As a result, it will “discontinue the production of casual and PC client games” and reorganise “all central functions which are not part of the gaming development departments”.

The news follows decisions to close its PC-centric 4th Floor team weeks after it revealed its debut game, and the formation of a new casual games team last year.

Goodgame says plans for the restructure will involve “reducing the workforce by the end of September 2016”. This has been a “joint decision with the employee representatives”, but there’s no word on how many jobs will be affected.

Employees will be offered voluntary redundancy packages that “exceed normal market levels”, while temporary contracts will not be renewed. Goodgame is planning to set up a fund to reimburse expats who had to relocate in order to join the team.

The firm has said it may be necessary to make “compulsory redundancies for operational reasons in combination with high severance packages”. Employees affects by this will be offered to change to an “employment transitional company”, which will receive funds from Goodgame.

The studio stressed that the number of employees dismissed will depend on how many accept voluntary redundancy, but estimates that the total number of jobs cut should be less than 100.

“The success of Goodgame Studios in the recent past was only possible with our outstanding employees who deserve our sincerest gratitude,” said founder and COO Christian Wawrzinek. 

“All the more we deeply regret to be forced to implement these profound changes. They are unavoidable to secure the successful future of Goodgame Studios and sustained job security of the remaining employees.”

The developer hopes that this new strategy will put them in a good position to achieve a successful year and launch new titles in its strongest market around the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

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