Developers can now publish games of up to 100MB without Expansion Files

Google doubles maximum size for APK files

Studios building games for Android platforms can now create bigger titles, thanks to Google doubling the maximum APK app size limits.

The platform holder has announced that Google Play will now support APK apps of up to 100MB – the limit was previously 50MB. This means developers can build titles up to 100MB without the need to bundle in Expansion Files, which download additional data and content.

If an app exceeds the 100MB quota and makes use of Expansion Files, a warning will be displayed for users.

“We hope that, in certain circumstances, this file size increase is useful and enables you to build higher quality apps and games that users love,” wrote Google Play’s Kobi Glick on the firm’s blog.

Glick advised studios that “even though you can make your app bigger, it doesn’t always mean you should”.

Google urged devs to bear in mind varying mobile data connection speeds, data caps that differ around the world, the performance of your app, and longer install times.

The default update setting for Android devices will remain the same: auto-updates will only be possible over wi-fi connections.

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