Offers a chance to get an early look at Daydream

Google launches Android 7.1 developer preview

Google will be making the developer preview of its latest 7.1 Android release, codenamed Nougat, available to developers later this month. Although for those who haven’t taken part in a developer preview before, it’s very much just a beta.

The beta will offer a number of updates for those looking to create apps and work within Android, with the biggest draw of the release surely being support for Google’s Daydream platform. This beta will offer one of the first chances to get "under the hood" and get to grips with the VR platform.

Other interesting features in the preview will include a shortcut API that will allow apps to be quickly opened from the launcher, support for image keyboards and a host of new API’s to support "multi-endpoint calling and new telephony configuration options"

The developer preview is only available on a handful of devices, which seems to currently be limited to the Nexus 5x, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C, all of which are Google phones. There’s no sign however of the artificial-intelligence powered Assistant, which is being billed as a staple of Google’s Pixel phones.

Android 7.0, the start of the Nougat name, started rolling out to Nexus devices in August and brought, among other things, multi-tasking apps, a quick-settings menu, boosted battery and file-based encryption.

Google is keen to remind all users that the developer preview may not include full functionality, and there could be a few bugs and weird issues to work out. "You will receive a preview update every four to six weeks until the public launch," Google added on its website " It can take up to 24 hoursto receive the latest download once a user has signed-up to the scheme.

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