Grand Theft Auto V exposed – Rockstar spills the beans

Rockstar has at last laid bare its ambitious plans for Grand Theft Auto V.

As detailed by US mag Game Informer and reported by CVG, Rockstar says that GTAV’s gameworld is bigger than GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined. It even features a fully modelled ocean floor that can be explored.

The reason for the return to a San Andreas-like setting was also revealed – basically, Rockstar felt it didn’t quite nail the LA vibe last time. And it wants to put that right.

In other words, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a game of this type before.

The game also features an as of yet undefined new technology” that alters how players interact with the world. All of the gameplay mechanics have been built from the ground up, with shooting having received a total revamp.

Three stars take the limelight – retired bank robber Michael, hardened criminal Trevor and car salesman Franklin. Players can switch between characters at any time and each will have their own skills and elicit different reactions from others in the gameworld.

Furthermore, each will go about their daily business when not under a player’s control.

Heists comprise a central element of the gameplay and will be far more detailed and complex than anything seen in a GTA game before. Some of these will see the characters unite to work together, with players able to swap between them and their various roles.

RPG-style character customisation will not feature, though each will have an assortment of additional activities not featured by the others. Expect the likes of base jumping, tennis, a full” golf game. Yoga, triathlons and jet skiing.

Confirmed vehicles include BMX, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, aeroplanes and helicopters.

The cinematic leanings of Max Payne 3 are said to have had a significant influence on the game’s art direction.

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