Grand Theft Auto V ready for Christmas?

Despite the fact that GTAIV still has plenty left to give in the shape of the

upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive DLC

, US games mag Game Informer claims to have word that the fully-fledged console sequel will arrive by the end of the year.

PSU quotes issue 190 of the magazine as stating: We’re not talking about new DLC or a collection of previously available DLC, we’re talking about a full retail game. We expect this title to follow the suit of previous GTAs and use a subtitle such as GTA: San Andreas. Tokyo might be a possible setting for the game, but details are non-existent at this time.”

PSU goes on to say that it wouldn’t be surprising for RockStar to release the next GTA this soon – as you may recall, Vice City hit the shops only a year after Grand Theft Auto III was released for PS2”.

However, with the development hours needed to complete a game of GTA’s scale on next-gen consoles, 18 months would seem like an exceptionally fast turnaround – particularly if the next title is to be set in a brand new location.

MCV has contacted Rockstar for comment.

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