Grand Theft Auto V torrent spreading malware on PCs

Pirates keen to get their hands on an apparently leaked version of Grand Theft Auto V are being hit with a Trojan virus hidden in the file.

TomsGuide reports that a file masquerading as a PC version of Rockstar’s game – which, in fact, does not exist as the game is currently only scheduled for PS3 and Xbox 360 – actually installs a version of Double Fine’s The Cave.

From that point users are prompted to complete a survey in order to obtain the serial number, part of which requires that participants send off a text message that then charges accounts €1 per day. AND it installs a Trojan.

So pretty grotty all round.

It’s not uncommon for big games to leak out ahead of release and with such huge anticipation surrounding Rockstar’s title there’s a nervous wait to see if the final code can be locked down and kept safe until the day of release on September 17th.

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