Microsoft and Creative England offer £100,000 in grants to local studios

Greenshoots expands to include Northern Ireland devs

Games developers in Northern Ireland can now apply to be part of the Greenshoots incubator programme.

The initiative, a joint venture between Microsoft and Creative England, aims to help new and growing games businesses around the UK through grants, mentoring and other forms of guidance. 

Last month, it was announced Greenshoots would return for a third time, with £500,000 available to developers throughout England, outside of Greater London. Studios can apply for grants of up to £50,000.

Now GamaSutra reports that £100,000 has been secured to provide grants for developers in Northern Ireland. The grants are available to any studios making titles for Xbox One, PC or mobile devices.

This expansion of Greenshoots is made possible through a partnership between Microsoft and Northern Ireland Screen.

If you’re a developer in Northern Ireland that is interested in taking part, you have until Friday, November 13th to apply. You can do so via the Northern Ireland Screen website.

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