BitComposer has only acquired the rights to book series Roadside Panic, says dev

GSC denies STALKER rights sale

BitCompser has not acquired the video game rights to the STALKER series, the game’s developer GSC has insisted.

MCV reported earlier this week that the German firm, which published the third STALKER game, had moved to capture the rights. When the claim was contested, BitComposer insisted that it had captured the rights to the Stugatsky’s book series Roadside Panic, on which STALKER was based.

Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, however, GSC has reaffirmed that it still owns the STALKER IP.

“BitComposer doesn’t have any rights as to STALKER, except for distributing our game Call of Pripyat on some territories,” the rep stated. “They may have purchased the rights for the game based on Roadside Picnic, but it has nothing to do with STALKER or its universe.

“From time to time news on the STALKER brand purchase by this or that company appear over the Internet. We relate such a keen interest in the brand to its exceptional popularity. Even the purchase of rights to create a Roadside Picnic book-based game by a small publisher is presented as the continuation of STALKER franchise.”

Despite all this GDC is considering the sale of the IP, adding: “GSC is seeking ways to continue the series, and we’re also considering selling out the brand to a decent developer or publisher.”

Thie story was orginally published on MCV.

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