GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes music tracks and tinkers with game

The convenience of the digital revolution comes at a price – publishers are able to mess with your products AFTER you buy them.

Rockstar Nexus reports that an update to the Steam version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has retroactively removed 17 tracks from the game’s radio stations. The tracks are in question are the same as those which were omitted from the mobile version of the game.

Also changed are the resolution options (including the bizarre removal of 1920×1080) while some users are reporting that save files are broken and are booting people back to the start of the game.

On the plus side controller support has been improved, as have mouse control options.

Third party fixes are available to solve a few of the issues, such as the aspect ratio and framerate, although this in no way detracts from the concerns owners of digital games will be having.

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