H1Z1 sees 91% drop in players since June 2017 peak

H1Z1 has fallen on hard times, shedding 91% of the game’s player base since hitting a player peak of 150,402 in June 2017.

This information has been dug up by GitHyp, and puts the peak player count for H1Z1 over the past 30 days as 17,652, a surprising fall for the former king of the battle royale genre.

H1Z1 was a fixture on Steam’s most played charts, often holding the number three slot. However, since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale have launched, H1Z1 has tumbled down the charts and now struggles to crack the top fifty, as players migrate to the newer releases.

This comes despite several new tweaks added to the game over the last year, including an updated ballistics system. Speaking to MCV last year at gamescom, H1Z1’s senior designer Adam Clegg said that the update was designed to make the game feel more like a AAA product.

The game has been losing roughly a third of its players each month for the past six. While there are still tens of thousands of players, it’s a grim picture for the battle royale game, which is due to launch its player-first pro league sometime in the next month or so. 

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